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About Newcastle Dreadlocks

Newcastle Dreadlocks is a hair salon run by Kerry, a loctician trained in Brisbane with more than 5 years experience.

Kerry loves to work with all hair types ranging from afro to asian, and european hair.

She only uses a crochet hook as well as organic natural hair products when it comes to starting  and maintaining dreadlocks. The reason is that a crochet hook will cause little to no damage as opposed to other methods.

Newcastle Dreadlocks is also a salon that doesn’t use wax or chemicals.

You can find Newcastle Dreadlocks in East End Newcastle.

It is an appointment only salon.


Natural dreadlock services in Newcastle

Newcastle Dreadlocks offers whole heads, half heads, maintenance, removal as well as repair.

Price list:

  • Dreadlocks maintenance: $180
  • Starting dreadlocks (above shoulders): $450
  • Starting dreadlocks (below shoulders): $640
  • Starting dreadlocks (half-head, “man bun”, mohawk, top knot): $350
  • Dreadlocks repair: quote on request
  • Dreadlocks removal: quote on request
  • Dreadlocks styling: quote on request
  • Dreadlocks cut: quote on request


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Dreadlocks maintenance

Dreadlock maintenance price is fixed whatever how much work is required and costs $180.

Kerry only uses a crochet hook when it comes to maintaining dreadlocks. Her work is 100% natural and organic. No wax or chemicals are used.

Dreadlocks maintenance should be done as much as 4 times a year.


Dreadlocks installation

The installation process takes between 3 and 12 hours. It all depends on the amount of hair, its length, and the size of the dreadlocks you want.

Kerry installs only organic locks. She uses her crochet hook. No wax, glue or chemical will be used.

Keep in mind your hair should be at least 15cm long if you want to start dreadlocks.

Dreadlock installation price list

Starting dreadlocks above shoulders: $450
Starting dreadlocks below shoulders: $640
Starting dreadlocks half-head (“man bun”, Mohawk, top knot): $350


Newcastle Dreadlocks info:

Location: East End Newcastle. The exact address will be sent to you after booking.